About Us

I grew up in St. Louis, Missouri in a housing project called Laclede Town. While growing up, I saw many people displaced from their homes and employment. I saw many people evicted and their belongings set out on corners with no one to haul or store them. About 25 years ago, I found myself in that same situation of being displaced due to being laid off and therefore losing my apartment that I lived in with my two children.

I didn’t have anyone to help me move my things to my mother’s basement nor did I have the money to hire a mover or even get a truck. I basically grabbed what I could grab and left the rest of my belongings. Years later, I started to work in social work and with my church I volunteered with the homeless. I saw that there was a need for lower income people to have affordable moving services.

Many of my friends would ask me if I knew of any movers or a place where they could store furniture. I just said I will get a few of my unhoused friends and we will move you. This is how WE MOVE STUFF started with myself, my son, my daughter, and two of my unhoused friends, who I would give work to around our church. I would rent a U-Haul and we would move whole houses.

Despite being a for-profit company, we do a lot of pro bono moves for individuals, homeless, domestic violence survivors, single women, and low-income people. We have been renting U-Haul’s to do our moves. We also offer sliding scale moves as well as payment plans.

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